Simplify Your Compliance & Security in Public Cloud

AWS and other cloud providers ensure the compliance & security of their cloud. However, in a shared responsibility model, you still maintain the responsibility for managing the compliance and security of your organization's environment within it. Through our compliance & security reporting and automated remediation steps, we can help get your teams to deploy quicker and differentiate true threats from noise.

Quicker DevOps Clip.png

quicker devops

We support flexible, rapid iterations and deployment to enable faster development.

Smarter SecOps Clip.png

smarter secops

Identify true vulnerabilities from noise by automating your security policies.

Automation Clip.png

automation = Efficiency

Automate processes to reduce costs and spend more time on growing your business.

Simplify Compliance to Save You Time

Leverage our solution to simplify and streamline processes so your team could focus on what they do best.


Breadth of Coverage

Gain visibility into what is happening across all your AWS accounts and services. 

Security that Extends Clip.png

Security that extends

Check your security environment against hundreds of customizable security policies. 

Constant Security Clip.png

Constant monitoring

Proactive monitoring and remediation against threats as they occur. 

See how we can help simplify compliance and security for your cloud.